When is the best time to visit Perth

June 25, 2019

Wondering when is the best time to visit Perth? Perth is a remote city located on the west side of Australia. The city prides itself on numerous untouched beaches that are accessible to anyone. In addition, there is a popular range of activities to do while in the city for instance skating, surfing, scuba diving and more. With a wide range of summer festivals and rich culture, Perth city is a place to be. However, Perth city is warm for the best part of the year. This makes one wonder about the best time to visit this busy and growing city.

The article below seeks to provide the ideal time to stay in Perth based on the weather, activities as well as events held.  For accommodation we recommend Fraser Suites in Perth.

The months of August and September

This is the most ideal time to visit Perth. August marks a transition period from winter and thus offers a mild weather ideal for stay. By the time September approaches, spring would have taken over the city. These months offer calm weather with numerous scenic views. Most parts of the city now start to feature blossoming of beautiful flowers. As a matter of fact, Australia is popular for being the largest producer of native flowers worldwide. There are more than 10000 different species of wildflowers that cover a large part of the land during spring.

You can enjoy the beautiful flower views right in the King’s park without having to travel outside the city. The park covers almost 1000 acres of wildflowers including the orchids. The temperatures are cool during this time and the park is less populated.
Visiting Perth during these months also gives you a chance to explore the great Pinnacles. The weather will allow you to travel from the city unlike the summer when the scorching sun burns anything on its way.

Now you know the best time to visit the city of Perth.