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Everyone undertakes their own pursuit of happiness. It's about finding a way to live happily, and be content in your personal and financial life. It's also about fighting anything that gets in the way of that happiness. I want to help you pursue happiness by showing you how to stop the government from destroying your retirement savings, how to legally cut your tax bill, how to choose a healthier life by knowing what's really in the food you eat, and how to protect your freedom from our 'big brother' government.

Take some time to look around this website. You may not agree with everything I have to say, but at the very least I hope it makes you stop and think about how you can achieve lifelong happiness, freedom and wealth for you and your family.

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Australian’s are Turning to Alternative Investments…

Many Australian investors are turning to alternatives. Led by the SMSF crowd, investors are piling in to listed investment companies -that offer an affordable way to invest…

When I Heard Joe Hockey Talk, I Knew This Was Coming…

I wanted to know what Joe Hockey would do about the hundreds of millions of dollars the government. was raking in by grabbing ‘unclaimed’ bank and super accounts…

Rising Dollar, Falling Dollar…Don’t Pull Down Your Hedge

This morning the Australian dollar trading for 93 US cents. It hasn’t managed to regain parity since dropping below one US dollar in May 2013.

Your Freedom Is Being Taken From You

The government plans to force internet and telco providers to keep your digital information (metadata) for up to two years.

Money, Guns and Real Estate

So much money is fleeing China…that it is distorting the global economy, particularly in the art market and with real estate booms.

The State: Protecting and Serving Themselves

The police don’t serve to protect the public…they serve to protect the State from the public. That’s how it is now, and the trend is moving even further…

Time to Invest in Marijuana?

Are baby boomers getting younger? If so, maybe investing in the medical marijuana business is a good idea.

Sugar ‘The White Death’

Powerful groups continue to establish doubt around the effects of sugar. This doubt stops us from asking the question if certain products are bad for our health

It took 40 Years to Find Out This Was Killing Us…

By the time we entered the decade of flares and polyester — also known as the 70s — heart disease was killing almost 360 people per 100,000 in America.

The Most Important Safety Feature in your New Car

Next time you’re in the market for a car, don’t just think physical safety. Your next question should be, what’s its cyber security rating?

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