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Everyone undertakes their own pursuit of happiness. It's about finding a way to live happily, and be content in your personal and financial life. It's also about fighting anything that gets in the way of that happiness. I want to help you pursue happiness by showing you how to stop the government from destroying your retirement savings, how to legally cut your tax bill, how to choose a healthier life by knowing what's really in the food you eat, and how to protect your freedom from our 'big brother' government.

Take some time to look around this website. You may not agree with everything I have to say, but at the very least I hope it makes you stop and think about how you can achieve lifelong happiness, freedom and wealth for you and your family.

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Are you an Investment Hoarder?

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions, then you’re hoarding your investments. Don’t despair; the first step is admitting that you’ve got a problem…

Stocks the Pros Can’t Touch

Most large super funds have limits on where they can invest superannuation. This means many investors miss out on the biggest growth action in stocks

It’s all About Russia and Putin Again…

Russia and its supporters have nothing to gain from attacking civilians. Russia and Putin were winning the propaganda war until recently…

Why You’ll Never See Your Superannuation Savings…

You owe it to yourself take this advice. But even if I’m right and you act now, you may not be able to save your entire superannuation savings.

New Zealand will be a Key Market to Watch

New Zealand may not be an emerging market, but it’s highly leveraged to growth in emerging markets. The New Zealand economy will be a key market to watch…

Seeking Asylum? No Problem. But You’ve Got to Join the Army First…

Clearly, illegal immigrants are a headache for the government. But rather than store them on Christmas Island, the Army Reserve wants them to serve their new country.

The Illogical Fear of Black Swans

Don’t fear the swan. But don’t be complacent either. Acknowledge and respect that black swan events can happen.

The Biggest Threat to Our Future is our Education System

Education was one of the most pressing concerns at the World Future Conference. Our education system is failing us, and kids aren’t prepared for the modern world.

How Important is Your Social Capital?

As our personas become ever more digital, our social capital online will be equally important. We are charting new territory when it comes to our lives being on the web.

Why Technology Just Made Airports Worse

If security can’t turn on my devices (Phone, Laptop or Camera), they will be stop me from flying to the US. And yes, that is as crazy as it sounds.

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