What is a Pop Up Camper Trailer

December 10, 2019

Pop up camper trailers provides a comfortable place to stay for people wishing to get outdoors and explore Australia’s natural environment. This type of camping trailer is one of the most economical recreational vehicles on the market today. This trailer can be towed easily behind your vehicle because of its partial canvas construction. These campers weigh about 800 to 1000 pounds which is less than other trailers that are usually around 5000 pounds. Pulling less weight on your vehicle allows for better fuel economy. Less money will be spent on gas transporting a popup camper trailer instead of transporting a traditional camper.


The transformation from trailer to camper is the most impressive feature of this design. Unfold the canvas sides to create a small living area that usually has room for a large mattress and a kitchen area. Some pop-up camper trailers has room for a working toilet The small size of this camper encourages more outside activities. There will be limited headspace in the sleeping area even when the trailer is fully set up. There will be limited storage availability with this camper. You will need to pack light or find extremely creative storage solutions when choosing this trailer.


It is important to note that pop up campers are not as insulated as other models because of the canvas walls. This means you will be more affected by the weather. Without air conditioners or heaters it will be harder to effectively deal with the temperature inside the living area. The canvas walls will keep you dry from rain but the presence of condensation will leave you feeling damp. In fact, you will experience a higher risk of mold because of condensation. It will be necessary to spend time airing out the trailer to prevent mold from building up.


Before purchasing a pop-up camper trailer, or any other RV model, you should test it out. Try renting a pop-up camper or borrowing one from a friend to see if it meets your camping needs and expectations. This will help you make a more informed decision.