Today review Australia

March 12, 2020

Their primary goal is to develop your child’s soccer skills as well as to give them the confidence to build a healthy, positive and strong mental attitude so they can have a chance to advance in football. Each one of you who trains with them will contribute donations to underprivileged children around the world. When it comes to review Australia, we must point out that children are their core passion. They want to help children develop their soccer skills, and help them on the path of success to reach their full potential. They are completely dedicated to every player and want to give them the best possible education in the soccer world. As we have already mentioned that their passion is children, Kick To Inspire helps underprivileged children – 1/10 of their earnings are donated to B1G1.


Kick To Inspire Offers:


  • Small group academy
  • 1on1 private academy
  • Game analysis program


Small Group Academy


Those sessions aim for kids between 9 and 15 years old to develop a base that is essential for every soccer player. They work with your kids on soccer techniques, and on developing the skills needed to make decisions. Kids learn to dribble with all parts of the foot, make the right passes to teammates, master where and when to dribble, to steal the ball from opponents, and much more.


1on1 Private Academy


Private specific soccer academy Melbourne training is specially designed to focus on the areas that youth need to succeed/improve in football. It’s about improving technique, speed, flexibility, agility, strength with and without the ball, and more. The goal is to encourage players to be as good as possible.

This individual training help monitors each child’s development individually to determine where progress is accomplished and where it is lacking.


Game Analysis Program


An extraordinary offer when comes to the game, as well as its monitoring with a thorough analysis to determine player weaknesses and the parts he needs to improve.