The State

How the State Gives the Dollar Value

The US dollar has value because the government levies $3 trillion in tax liabilities annually and accepts only US dollars in payment — which only it issues.

The Rights Trap

The Rights Trap is the belief that your rights will make you free. Unfortunately, rights exist only in theory. In practice, they don’t accomplish much.

Dr Marc Faber: The Terminal Phase of a Credit and Asset Bubble

At the heart of this expansion in debt, and cycle of bubbles and busts is the reliance of the US economy on consumption. For the last century, policy makers have encouraged consumption on all levels of society including government, and discouraged savings.

US Economy With More to Lose in the Future of Financial Warfare

But with today’s integrated market, the destruction caused by financial warfare is so much bigger than they understand.

Free Speech Guaranteed at World War D

It’s the event we’ve been working up to for the past six months – the World War D conference.The lead keynote speaker is Dr Marc Faber. You may know him as ‘Dr Doom’ due to his belief that the US dollar is heading towards collapse, taking the world’s economic system with it.

Public Sector Workers and Maniacs…

There is an undeniable link in the mentality of the average public sector worker and the average megalomaniacal political leader. They both have the urge to control people.

1,730 Years of ‘Fixers’

Today I am going to share a lesson from the past in the hope that we can learn from it. It’s one of the best examples of doomed central planning that I know, and it comes from the Roman Empire.

In Sochi, the Olympics Watched You

President Putin quietly had a new security system installed at Russia’s Sochi International Airport, The FRT system can make a positive identification in under one second…

Companies WILL Share Your Data with the Government

This information can be completely abused if it lands in the government’s hands. The governments ability to demand this data is a frightening concept…

Government Meddling and The Mind Your Own Business Principle

The drug issue is one of the biggest examples of the government meddling in the free choice of individuals and creating a much bigger problem than if they stayed out of it.

The Corruption of Power

The corruption of power is too clear and easy. There needs to be real controls because the natural direction of a surveillance state is to abuse civil liberties, whether intended or not.

Argentina: The Role Model for Government Meddling

Argentina is a perfect example of the damage governments can inflict on their people. The funny thing is Argentina isn’t unique. In a way many of its policies aren’t so different to those of various Australian governments. It’s always important to remember that governments act for their own interests.

Argentina is Going Down

Argentina seems much too quirky and particular to be a leader of anything. For example, it’s the only place we know where you get better banking services out on the sidewalk than in the bank.

The Sordid History of IRS Political Abuse

As long as the federal tax code is incomprehensible to most Americans, the IRS will continue to have vast power over its targets. And we cannot expect politicians to fix the problem…

Why Socialism Failed

Socialism is the big lie of the 20th century. While it promised prosperity, equality, and security, it delivered poverty, misery, and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery.