The State

Why I’m not Afraid of Australia Being Taken Over By Radicals

I’m tired of the warring. Besides, Australia is under no more threat of being ‘taken over’ by Muslims than the Parliament is under threat of women taking equal representation.

Why I Won’t Shut Up About the Government Stealing Our Freedom

As Australians, we should be demanding the government to get its nose out of our lives. They’re slowly stealing our right to privacy

Biometric Data: The Government Declares War on Australians

Most of us go to great lengths to protect our personal information. A national database of biometric information is a political disaster waiting to happen.

GDP Growth Fiction

GDP is a measure of a nation’s economic activity. It’s the GDP needle the G20 finance ministers are trying to move above the 2% range.

Politically Manufactured Fear

If that’s not enough, the government is trading on your fear. It has allowed them to pass ambiguous laws that do nothing but take your liberties away.

You’re a Criminal Just for Reading This…

In a year’s time, it could be illegal for me to comment on any new government powers. All for the sake of security. Make no mistake. There is no delicate balance.

If you live in New Zealand, you are being watched by the NSA

The NSA has set up a facility in Auckland to use the XKeyscore program to harvest all kinds of mass surveillance data on New Zealanders…

Get Your Hands off My ‘Stubbornly High’ Aussie Dollar!

The Aussie dollar has refused to bend to the government’s will. While this week it fell a few cents against the US greenback, it remains stubbornly high…

When I Heard Joe Hockey Talk, I Knew This Was Coming…

I wanted to know what Joe Hockey would do about the hundreds of millions of dollars the government. was raking in by grabbing ‘unclaimed’ bank and super accounts…

Your Freedom Is Being Taken From You

The government plans to force internet and telco providers to keep your digital information (metadata) for up to two years.

Money, Guns and Real Estate

So much money is fleeing China…that it is distorting the global economy, particularly in the art market and with real estate booms.

The State: Protecting and Serving Themselves

The police don’t serve to protect the public…they serve to protect the State from the public. That’s how it is now, and the trend is moving even further…

Tell the Government to Stay our of Your Data

If you permit the government to create a surveillance system like this, you no longer live in a free, liberal society. No one is trusted and everyone is monitored.

The Federal Reserve’s Next Move

Janet Yellen is being pushed into a corner by the Federal Reserve’s own pronunciamientos. It has been threatening to raise interest rates.

Property of the State

Another example of the State sticking its nose into peoples’ everyday lives. It confirms that the government sees your kids as the state’s property.