The State

Money, Guns and Real Estate

So much money is fleeing China…that it is distorting the global economy, particularly in the art market and with real estate booms.

The State: Protecting and Serving Themselves

The police don’t serve to protect the public…they serve to protect the State from the public. That’s how it is now, and the trend is moving even further…

Tell the Government to Stay our of Your Data

If you permit the government to create a surveillance system like this, you no longer live in a free, liberal society. No one is trusted and everyone is monitored.

The Federal Reserve’s Next Move

Janet Yellen is being pushed into a corner by the Federal Reserve’s own pronunciamientos. It has been threatening to raise interest rates.

Property of the State

Another example of the State sticking its nose into peoples’ everyday lives. It confirms that the government sees your kids as the state’s property.

Down With the Public Sector Tyrants

I’d find it much harder to live without the services provided by the private sector. As for the public sector, well, I can do without that.

Why You’ll Never See Your Superannuation Savings…

You owe it to yourself take this advice. But even if I’m right and you act now, you may not be able to save your entire superannuation savings.

Seeking Asylum? No Problem. But You’ve Got to Join the Army First…

Clearly, illegal immigrants are a headache for the government. But rather than store them on Christmas Island, the Army Reserve wants them to serve their new country.

World Government Tells Australia What to Do…

What you probably didn’t realise when you cast your vote is that there are some things where the Australian government doesn’t have power.

Is This the Start of a New World Order?

Given that the international trade and welfare agencies are Western-focused, the emerging powers don’t feel like they are getting their fair dues.

Imagine How Bad Life Would be Without This…

Anyone who lobbies a government in order to get the government to ban something is in my view an undesirable person.

Australian Government Spending Soars by $60 Billion

With an ageing population is this old welfare state formula sustainable? Who will pay back these debts in the future if there are fewer wage earners to tax?

Why Minimum Wage Means Maximum Slavery

Anytime artificial numbers are substituted for what an otherwise free market would be willing to pay, somebody gets hurt.

Two Days Until Tax Freedom…

Simply put, it’s the idea that if you figure out how much tax you pay to the government during the year, you can pinpoint how many days you actually work for the government.

Do This Now to Beat the New ‘Super Income Tax’

Well, what do you know? The current government reckons they need to take more of your money with the ‘super income tax’. So, what does that mean for you…?