Planning an SMSF in 2015? Read this…

If you care about the environment and paper wastage…think twice about setting up an SMSF. You practically hear the trees crying in protest from your in-tray.

Investing: Are You Ready to Bet Everything?

Even with the most sophisticated investing models in the world at your disposal you’re still making a bet that the price of the asset will have gone up…

An Investment Industry Disruptor

Due to the reluctance to move away from the sales culture and percentage based fee model, paves the way for a disruptor to the financial advice industry.

How to Take Control of Your Superannuation

Taking control of your superannuation (with an SMSF) may be considered your right, but as always, rights are accompanied by responsibilities.

Your Retirement, the Rosetta Stone and the Debt Peons of Lagash

Debt isn’t just a liability. Pension and retirement funds tend to invest in a lot of debt because it’s considered safer than other options.

Positive Thinking Won’t Build Your Retirement Nest Egg…

You can’t hope your retirement will work out the way you planned because you saw a financial planner five years ago. You must actively manage your investments…

It Won’t Be Your Superannuation for Long

If too many retirees leave the workforce without enough money put away in superannuation, the pension burden will be crippling.

Stocks the Pros Can’t Touch

Most large super funds have limits on where they can invest superannuation. This means many investors miss out on the biggest growth action in stocks

The Government’s Latest Experiment: Baby-Boomer Retirement

The government expects baby-boomers to fund their own retirement. But the reality is this might not happen.

The Government’s Plan to take your Retirement Savings

I warned that the government would one day make a beeline for your retirement savings. It wasn’t an idea or a fear out of nowhere. I had good reason for saying it.

The Two Most Important Words for Any Retirement Business

Done properly, a retirement business can not only help fill a retiree’s time and replace their work identity, it can also help make their retirement savings last longer…

World War D: Retirement, Superannuation and Family Wealth

It was day two of the World War D conference, and the final session was starting. We were closing the day with a Q&A with our retirement gurus.

Why There’ll Be No One Left to Invest In Your Retirement

What if the buyers you expect to turn up in the stock market… property market… and other asset markets during your retirement, turn out not to be there?

Retiring Overseas: Try Before You Buy…

If you’ve got any ideas about retiring overseas, there’s one data point for you to consider that serves as a proxy for the expression of free ideas and freedom…

Make Sure the Grass IS Greener Before You Go and Live Overseas…

It’s the thing that everyone wants to do — seek greener pastures by living overseas. People are sick of the government sticking its nose in where it’s not wanted.